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Zero Balancing

Zero balancing-ZB (prounounced Zee Bee) for short- is a form of energy bodywork created in 1975 in the U.S. by Dr. Fritz Frederick Smith (b. 1929), a doctor osteopathy and medicine. In the 1960's he studied Rolfing and in the 1970's became an acupuncturist. He also investigated yoga and Eastern concepts of spirituality. His extensive study of Western scientific models and Eastern principles of energy and healing afforded him a unique insight into the relationship between energy as a force in the body, and structural anatomy. Zero Balancing emerged out of Dr. Smith's long experience of osteopathy, his subsequent understanding of the energy systems in the body and how energy is transmitted through the body structure.

Zero Blancing integrates Western scientific models with Eastern principles of energy and healing and focuses mainly on the skeletal structure (not using manipulation) with the awareness of energy flow through the bones. It uses gentle finger pressure and stretches, holding points of stillness around which the bone structure can reorganise and come to a new level of balance. Particular attention is paid to those joints in the body that conduct gravity and balance posture and movement. It is a gentle and deeply relaxing experience. Holding points of stillness facilitates a positive release of tension in body and mind and can leave a profound sense of inner ease and well-being that we literaly feel in our bones. The whole body is treated in each session as well as focusing on the specific problem areas. It is a very effective way to treat many musculoskeletal problems such as neck stiffness, shoulder, hip and back problems, as well as stress and sleep disturbance.

The work is done through clothes and the length of time a session takes depends on the needs of the client. A straightforward Zero Balancing session can be completed in up to forty minutes. In Seamus' practice however, most commonly people present with particular areas of difficulty (eg. neck/shoulder, back or hip problems, etc.) often chronic in nature and/or related to old or long forgotten injuries and a session is more likely to take an hour to an hour and a quarter, in which he also often uses other acupressure techniques based on Zero Balancing principles and sometimes acupuncture. 

Although one cannot generalize, weekly sessions for four consecutive weeks with follow-up sessions two weeks and six weeks later is a common frequency of treatment needed to resolve many problems, especially of a more chronic nature, and with ongoing maintenance treatments as needed (or not). As a way of stress management and keeping "emotionally up to date", and for maintaining a feeling of all round well-being, occasional ZB sessions can be very effective, enhancing one's coping mechanisms to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life.  

From his training as a yoga teacher Seamus often recommends yoga postures and/or stretches to his clients to assist them in their recovery and self-maintenance. He particularly enjoys working with people who have a background in yoga.

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