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Indian Head Massage Courses

This was an enjoyable weekend. Seamus is very thorough in his teaching. We covered a lot in the two days and I would highly recommend this course. Very informative and great value for money!

S. Farrell, Swords, reflexologist and yoga teacher


Very enjoyable… Seamus is very experienced and thorough… Would recommend him to anyone enquiring about doing an Indian Head Massage course.

T. Broderick, Armagh, massage therapist


This was a really worth-while course, learning the basic techniques of Indian Head Massage. I enjoyed learning some different massage moves for the neck and shoulders. The actual head ones were stimulating and relaxing.

S. Boyle, Kilmacud, shiatsu and reflexology practitioner


A weekend very well spent! As someone with no previous experience in massage therapy Seamus was a fantastic teacher, as at home with me as with the more experienced members. I learned an awful lot and I had a blast learning it!

Conor McCarthy, Rathmines


I did the Indian Head Massage weekend course with Seamus and found it to be both practical and informative. Seamus believes in the power of the human touch and he is very talented in the way in which he encourages each individual to work with their own senses. I am a novice who doesn’t practice any kind of complimentary therapy but rather have a layman’s interest in the area and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Seamus and wasn’t overwhelmed with the content in any way. Others on the course were practitioners in the field of alternative therapy and I felt that we learned from each other as well. Furthermore, I found that I was utterly relaxed and almost melted down the stairs of the beautiful premises in Monkstown at the end of each day! I am still consulting the Demo Disc that is provided along with the comprehensive notes.

A. Murphy, Drumcondra


I thoroughly enjoyed the Indian Head Massage workshop with Seamus. It was very informative and each step explained and demonstrated in full detail. Good fun too, with lots of massage which is always a bonus.

L. Branagan, Navan


I am a physiotherapist. I attended one of Seamus’ Indian head massage courses, which was excellent, and subsequently decided to have treatment with him. I found zero balancing very helpful with back problems I was experiencing at the time, and acupuncture helped me remain calm and centred at a very difficult and challenging time in my life. I have on occasion referred people to him over the years.

Eileen Murphy, Director,
Dublin Spine and Sports Physiotherapy,
52 Heytesbury St.,
Dublin 8

Acupuncture and Zero Balancing

I went for my first consultation Seamus in August 1999 after suffering from a sports injury that caused severe discomfort to my back, shoulder, hip and knee. I had severe pain for 18 months prior to my visit and had been diagnosed as having psoriatic arthritis following consultation with a specialist.

I had not played sports for the 18 month period but after meeting with Seamus and having both acupuncture and zero balancing I was back playing football within a couple of weeks. It was a remarkable turnaround in a short period of time and even after the first visit there was a dramatic improvement. I went from a situation where it could take 2 minutes to get out of the car to playing soccer a few weeks later at the same level I had done previously. I continued the treatment until the symptoms were gone and stopped taking the arthritis medication which had also caused a degree of discomfort.

Since then I have continually gone back to Seamus on a six month or annual basis when I may pick up a sports injury or perhaps just need an energy boost and to recharge the batteries. I have always found him very professional and accommodating. I have personally recommended him to 6 other people who have gone for treatment and were very satisfied with the results. He also was very good to recommend stretching exercises any time I went for a consultation. I have never looked back since my first consultation in 1999.

K. Flavin, Co. Waterford


I pulled a muscle in my back lifting a computer, and had an agonising shooting pain down my leg which was my sciatic nerve. I attended my GP who prescribed Difene tablets (muscle relaxants) lots of bed rest and no driving. I am a busy and active working mother of two and to hear those words was devastating. I was unfit for work and unable to stand without pain for any length of time.

After 6 weeks of bed rest and medication, things hadn’t improved at all. Each week I attended my GP and got another Cert for work and another prescription. I was spending most of the day in bed taking medication, had no energy and was feeling very lethargic. I felt like my life was on hold. There seemed to be no end in sight.

A friend suggested I make an appointment to see Seamus Lynch.

Following my first session of Zero Balancing with him, things started to improve rapidly. I had immediate relief and the pain in my leg subsided. In addition to my consultations with Seamus, he gave me a series of exercises to do which I practised each day. I soon had better mobility and spent less and less time in bed and cut down on the medication.

Approximately 6 weeks later, I was functioning normally and able to return to work. I continue to do the exercises that Seamus taught me which have helped me maintain my good condition. In the following 12 months I attained two personal goals at the age of 45 - I qualified as a Lifeguard and completed a University course in Employment Law.

I would highly recommend a visit to Seamus Lynch.

B. McGinley, Killiney


In February 2010 I was diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis in my left Achilles tendon. It was very painful and impacted on my ability to walk and drive. I was advised to attend a physio which I did. I had 5-6 visits over 2 months to resolve the issue. The physio treated my calf, tendon and foot area with massage, manipulation and ultrasound and prescribed orthotics for me. I was very disappointed during September and November to have a continuous repeat of the tendonitis in my left leg. The pain and discomfort made it very difficult for me to focus on normal activities like work and impossible to consider any form of recreational activity such as walking, swimming, cycling, etc. I spent a considerable amount of time and money again with physios to rectify the problem but it never healed.

My wife suggested that I meet Seamus as she had heard of him through a friend, to see if he could help. I was very sceptical but in December I met with Seamus. He identified the issue as imbalance in my hips and problems with the other foot. In 3 sessions over 5 weeks Seamus, using zero balancing and acupuncture techniques, alleviated all pain and increased the flexibility of my Achilles tendon to the point that I’m actively partaking in swimming, cycling and fast walking on a daily basis without any side effects.

I am very grateful to Seamus.

M. Kenny, Shankill


I’d suffered from period problems (very heavy & irregular) for over 20 years. The gynaecologist diagnosed a hormone imbalance – his solution, to prescribe artificial hormones. My body’s response was to get rid of these hormones asap resulting in even heavier bleeding. I couldn’t get out of the chair never mind out of the house. The pill also had the effect of depressing my mood to the extent that at times I felt suicidal.

Meanwhile in another part of the forest I was experiencing severe sciatica due to a displaced sacroiliac. The conventional response, anti-inflammatories & Valium (totally ineffective) & surgery if I was desperate. I was but just not a complete masochist.

I decided to investigate a number of complementary therapies. I found acupuncture to be very relaxing & it reduced my stress levels considerably. It did regulate the period problem to an extent but the effect was short-lived. Homeopathy also gave some short-term relief. I attended a number of chiropractors & osteopaths some of whom made my back problem worse & none of whom provided a pleasant therapeutic experience.

At my first appointment with Seamus he didn’t specifically address the period problem but gave me a zero balancing treatment. What I found after that first treatment (& every time since) was that I felt good & at ease within my body – a novel experience for me. It was as if the ZB brought me to a place where I was able to face the huge fear of dealing with the menstrual issue. I made a leap of faith that was possible because of the trust I’d built with Seamus. So I started acupuncture treatments & for the first time in my life I found that I was having the normal bleeding & regular cycle that to that point I’d only read about. It’s no exaggeration to say that I felt I got my life back & the gratifying part of it was that I felt that I was actively involved in the healing process – that it was a team effort from Seamus & myself.

M., Santry

I first came to Seamus at the end of 2000 with sinus problems. I’ve had nasal problems since childhood and have a deviated septum and narrow nasal passages. I’m prone to sinus infections especially in May and September and when it gets chronic an infection gets lodged in my chest due to the post nasal drip from the sinuses which is very hard to shake off. I’ve had two nasal surgeries which were unsuccessful and can’t have any more due to a heart condition.

I have found acupuncture a very effective way to maintain clear sinuses especially when an infection gets lodged in my chest and I’m hitting the antibiotics, which I hate to do. On many occasions the acupuncture has helped me get rid of the infections and get back on my feet again. I can feel a clearing and almost instant relief in my sinuses every time I have a treatment.

J. Byrne, Templeogue


For many years I had been suffering from sinusitis and in the early years of diagnosis had attended my family doctor who had prescribed several courses of antibiotics for my condition but to no avail. As my sinus attacks were getting more frequent I decided to investigate alternative therapies and this eventually led me to Seamus. I first met Seamus at the Mind Body Spirit festival in the RDS probably 12 or more years ago and I had an Indian head massage for the first time. I did get some relief from this and decided to have a follow up treatment. However when I came to Seamus he suggested that perhaps I should try acupuncture instead as he had found it very successful for sinus conditions. I subsequently had several acupuncture treatments and was very successfully rewarded with absolute relief and thankfully the sinusitis has never returned.

Over the last number of years I have attended Seamus sporadically for acupuncture on a maintenance basis and I know there was a period in my life when a very close friend of mine was terminally ill and only for the care and attention that Seamus gave to me during that period of my life would have been much more difficult. Seamus has given great time and attention to me as a patient and I have always found him very easy to communicate with.

Eileen Doherty, Booterstown


I lived with back pain since childhood. I was born with a slight curve of the spine, it was called growing pains. It affected my concentration and prevented me from taking part in sports, and later on in my life it affected my social life, work, rearing my children and caused loss of sleep and sometimes depression. I was prescribed a large amount of pain killing tablets and injections and only a few of them gave me any kind of long term pain relief. Visits to specialists, consultants and physiotherapists gave me no hope or relief. I was advised to continue taking the tablets and having the injections.

At this stage I was out of work and could walk very little with the aid of a walking stick. I could not straighten my back. By chance I heard about Seamus Lynch and went to him. After an hour of acupuncture, zero balancing and Indian head massage I walked out of the room unaided and almost walking straight. Within a month of treatment I was walking straight and off all medication and my sleep improved. I began to live a normal life. That was 16 years ago. I still occasionally return to Seamus for treatment for sinuses, head colds and back strain.

I have recommended Seamus to others who have also benefited from their treatment with him.

C. Sweeney, Palmerstown


I had suffered from sinus problems all of my life. After trying numerous conventional medicines and nasal washes I had just come to accept the piercing headaches and constant congestion. During a particularly bad bout of sinus infection a friend suggested that I try acupuncture. I went for a series of treatments but found the treatments to have a very short term impact. In addition I found the number of needles positioned on my face and head to be quite uncomfortable.

After having reached a point where my sinus problems were really interfering with my daily functioning thankfully a colleague recommended Seamus Lynch. I went along to my first consultation with a large degree of scepticism, however I was pleasantly surprised. The acupuncture technique employed by Seamus is very different to my previous experience of acupuncture and surprising non-invasive. After a couple of treatments I was totally sinus free and this has remained the case for the last six months. In addition to ‘fixing’ my sinus, Seamus also introduced me to the concept of zero balancing which had the added benefits of an improved sleep pattern, general relaxation and well-being.

Seamus has a lovely manner, is really easy to talk to and very knowledgeable and reassuring about all the treatments provided.

G. Gorham, Sandymount


I was 28 weeks pregnant when I approached Seamas Lynch with severe back pain and difficulty walking due to sciatic pain. After just one zero balancing treatment back pain and sciatic pain was greatly relieved. More importantly that night I slept for 9 hours without waking up which hadn’t happened for the last several years!!! Inevitably the back and leg pain returned with my growing bump. But I slept well throughout the pregnancy when most pregnant women find it hard to sleep throughout the night.

J., Royal Oak


I would like to say that my last treatment with you was a total success. I had been having dreadful problems getting back into a routine of sleep after a couple of long haul flights. After having an hour and a half of very thorough acupuncture and zero balancing I went home and slept for 8.5 hours solid. It made such a difference and I managed to fight off a head cold within a couple of days thanks to the quality sleep.

E. Kilmartin, Deansgrange


I was introduced to Seamus Lynch by reading an article printed in The Irish Times about 15 years ago. At the time I was suffering from a number of stress related problems which manifested itself in back pain, IBS and other debilitating symptoms.

Through the years I have had regular treatments by Seamus using Indian Head Massage and Zero Balancing with occasional acupuncture treatments and have found them to be complete stress busters making me feel a more balanced, happy and healthy person. He has also treated my extended family giving them the same benefits.

I have found Seamus to be the complete professional practitioner, generous with his time and receptive to any complaints one presents him with and never once have I felt short-changed in my treatment by him. I would recommend his services to anyone who wishes to make serious changes in their lives.

J. Donovan, Stillorgan