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Indian Head Massage Workshops

Seamus Lynch on RTE Open House
Seamus demonstrating Indian Head Massage on Open House on RTE 1.

Seamus is one of the country's best known and experienced teachers of Indian Head Massage. He has been teaching it since '94 and was the first person to introduce these techniques to Ireland. It is a testament to the effectiveness and popularity of these techniques that they have become an established part of the complementary therapy repetoire.

The workshop has a duration of 12.5 hours (9.30am - 6pm Sat.; 10am - 5pm Sun.), with a maximum of 4 participants. It is practically based with detailed instruction on the techniques given individually to each participant, together with detailed notes and an instruction DVD. A certificate of completion is presented and those who have completed a training which includes Anatomy and Physiology are eligible for insurance cover for the practice of Indian Head Massage, based on this workshop. The course is also eligible for CPD points. Review sessions are available to those who would like to have their technique checked. The cost for a place on the workshop is €250.

Whereas the majority of the participants tend to be practitioners such as massage therapists, reflexologists, etc., the workshop is also open to those who may have no previous experience with touch or who may want use it for family and friends. It is an excellent introduction to touch for those who may be thinking about studying massage or for couples who might like to work on each other.

 ARCHTI Approved Certificate Course in Indian Head Massage

Based on techniques traditionally practised in India in the home and at the hairdressers/barbers and part of the Ayurvedic tradition, this treatment is designed to be given with the receiver seated in an ordinary chair.

Using a combination of deep massage and acupressure techniques for the upper back, upper arms, shoulders and neck, a series of unique stimulating and relaxing strokes for the head, together with a combination of acupressure and gentle strokes for the face and a chakra balancing healing technique, this is a profoundly relaxing treatment which people often find more relaxing than conventional massage.

The primary emphasis in this course is on correct technique – the most effective way to perform the techniques that is most beneficial for the client and doesn’t cause repetitive strain injury for the practitioner. To this end and to allow ample time for individual instruction and touch feedback the number of participants is limited to four. An instruction DVD and detailed notes are included in the course.

A brief historical background, some general anatomy, the use of oils for the hair, areas of caution and contraindications are also covered in the course. There is also some reference to acupuncture meridians and points.

The course is open both to qualified therapists as well as those who have no previous experience and is an excellent way to explore working with touch. Participants who wish to practise professionally and to gain insurance cover must have a qualification that includes Anatomy and Physiology (or Unit 1 Anatomy and Physiology and Unit 22 legality and client care). The course is eligible for CPD points for qualified therapists.

Cost €250. A €70 deposit books a place and is transferable to another course in the event of cancellation if advance notice of seven days is given or if the place is filled.

Times: Sat.10am-5.30pm, Sun. 10am-5pm


See also ten-minute video below with excerpts from Seamus Lynch's instructional video on Indian Head Massage.

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