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Indian Head Massage

Seamus Lynch Indian Head MassageIndian Head Massage has been practiced in India from ancient times primarily in the home, as part of an oral tradition. In the intense heat of India it was part of the regimen for maintaining healthy lustrous hair, together with the use of oils, as well as being enjoyed for its therapeutic effects.

In the 1980’s native Indian Narendra Mehta, a physiotherapist and massage therapist based in London, incorporated the traditional techniques into a treatment designed to be given with the receiver seated in an ordinary chair, with additional work to the upper back and shoulders, upper arms neck and face, and also included some work on the higher subtle energy centres in the body.

People most commonly have Indian Head Massage as a relaxing treat. It is excellent for conditions such as neck and shoulder tension, tension headaches, sinus symptoms, and eye strain.

As well as being a treatment in itself, the techniques can be combined with other therapies such as massage/bodywork, reflexology, acupuncture etc.

A treatment takes 45 minutes.