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Seamus Lynch Indian Head Massage

In the past 50 years there has been an explosion of complementary holistic therapies in the West which work with concepts of energy flow in the body and which also try to identify the relationship between physical symptoms, mind and emotions. Science recognizes the relationship between matter and energy and this is the level that some of these therapies try to address. This energy could be described as the electromagnetic energy within the body or the intelligent life force that animates it .

Acupuncture, one of the most ancient forms of healing, is increasingly recognized by the World Health organization and western medicine in general. In acupuncture the energy is referred to as qi (pronounced chee) and flows in specific pathways called meridians which can be accessed using very fine needles via the acupoints. The acupuncturist tries to identify where there is a breakdown of energy flow in the body and restore harmony. In Yoga the energy is referred to as prana and is contacted through the practice of the postures and meditation.

In Zero Balancing the energy is contacted through touch at the level of bone and enables balance and integration to be restored.

In Indian Head Massage deep relaxation is induced through contact with the subtle energy centres in the upper spine and brain.

The pace of life nowadays makes it increasingly difficult for many people to maintain balance in their lives. Very often we are in “coping” mode rather than “riding the wave”. This can lead to a build-up of stress and tension in the body, ultimately causing physical symptoms such as back pain, digestive problems, etc.

In treatment one may have to address one’s lifestyle, eating patterns, exercise habits, etc. in order to restore balance in one’s life and maintain the benefits of treatment.

Depending on the symptoms presenting Acupuncture, or Zero Balancing or a combination of both may be recommended. Some of the techniques from Indian Head Massage are also often included.

For some people holding on to what no longer serves them can significantly compromise their sense of well-being and treatment can facilitate the process of letting go.

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F. X. Mayr Cleansing Diet:

This has been practiced for many years, primarily in Austria, often with powerful results. The intensity of the diet is dependant on the individual’s constitution and lifestyle. It can bring lasting change to one’s eating patterns and relationship with food. It does however require a strong level of motivation and commitment to complete the 3 to 4 week regime.