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F. X. Mayr Cleansing Diet

Tree and SunsetPioneering Austrian doctor F. X. Mayr (1875–1965) observed that a healthy digestive system was integral to all body systems and developed a programme for treating a wide range of complaints which have their ultimate origin in the digestive tract. The Mayr programme consists of an intensive 3 to 4 week regimen to rest the digestive tract, regenerate organ function and detoxify the body. It includes a special diet to teach proper mastication and minimise the cleansing reaction. The diet programme is done in conjunction with the taking of saline drinks, detoxifying herbs and abdominal massage.

Rest for the digestive tract is achieved by reducing and simplifying food supply and by practicing healthy eating habits. The level of intensity at which this can take place is dependent on the person’s constitution and the programme is adapted to the varying individual needs of people. Because it takes place over a relatively extended period, a strong commitment is needed and a positive attitude. It can lead to a strengthening of one’s willpower and taking personal responsibility for one’s health. Support and monitoring during the programme is provided with twice weekly abdominal massage and progress reports.

Overloading our digestive capacity leads to misdigestion. For example any excess protein we eat is bacterially decomposed rather than enzymatically broken down which can lead to allergic reactions. The average diet today contains too much protein, often two or three times the daily requirement. Excess carbohydrates in our diet are subject to fermentation in our intestines which produces alcohol, acids and gas. This has an even more direct effect on allergies and can give rise to “leaky gut syndrome” where the intestines become permeable for substances from within the digestive system which should not be absorbed at this stage.

Most people have bad nutritional habits and therefore their digestive organs don’t function well. An inflammatory irritable condition and exhaustion of the intestines is the result. Through the F. X. Mayr cleansing diet the internal organs can be restored and their function regenerated and enhanced.

F. X. Mayr treated all his patients as if their digestive systems were out of order, irrespective of whether they complained of such disorders and made them fast in a number of ways. At the same time he cleansed their digestive system and paid attention to healthy eating habits. The results of this regime were at first completely unexpected, and later more specifically predictable.

A key feature of the cleansing process is the milk and stale white bread roll diet. The bread roll is chewed in small bites 30-50 times, until it is sweet and fluid. A teaspoon of milk (or substitute) is taken and mixed around with it before swallowing. This has a threefold purpose: (i) to learn how to masticate food correctly; (ii) the chewed bread acts as a carrier for the milk which is regarded as a complete food but cannot be insalivated/digested correctly in liquid form; (iii) by time the food reaches the stomach it has been completely digested by the saliva, giving the remainder of the digestive tract a rest and a chance to regenerate and renew itself. Another result of this form of chewing is that one bread roll can be surprisingly filling, satisfying any hunger pangs.

Conditions which have responded well to this therapy:

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