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5 Elements Workshop

5 elementsOne of the main causes of disease according to the ancient Chinese is emotion. Through observation they identified five different emotional personality types and found that they each had a different counterpart with the internal organs and the seasons in nature. From this evolved the law of the 5 Elements which is one the key elements of traditional acupuncture. This is further explained in the article The Cycles of Nature and the 5 Elements below.

This is a 12 hour workshop (10am - 5pm Sat./Sun.), it includes handouts and certificate of attendance, and is eligible for CPD points. In the workshop, which is limited to 10 participants, each emotional type - with its internal organ correspondences - is explained and demonstrated, including key issues which concern them and some of the physical symptoms they may manifest. It is an experiential workshop in which one's self-understanding is deepened and new observational skills about other people, what motivates them and how they affect us, are learned.

For complimentary practitioners this can give us a clearer focus for our treatments and broaden our understanding of people and their needs.

The workshop is also of interest to acupuncturists who want to deepen their knowledge of the emotional aspect of the 5 Elements. The workshop is open to those who want to learn new skills for understanding themselves and others.

The cost for a place on the workshop is €200. At present the workshops are mainly held in Dublin (Monkstown) and Wexford (Whitford Hotel).

Seamus is available to teach groups on request.

(See article The Cycles of Nature and the 5 Elements.)